Learn how to easily control your Arduino, Raspberry Pi & ESP8266 projects.

Ever Struggled to Build Electronics Projects?

I love building electronics projects using amazing development boards like Arduino, the Raspberry Pi, or the ESP8266, and I imagine you do too. Just as many people around the world, I’ve use those boards to build dozens of projects in fields like the home automation, the Internet of Things, and robotics.

When you build simple projects that just run on those boards, things are usually quite easy. However, as you start to build more complex projects that you want to control from a computer or a mobile device, things usually get harder. You start to struggle to build reliable software, that can be re-used from project to project, and that is easy to use and to connect with other software.

Feels familiar? Well, you are not alone. For years, I struggled as well with this problem. But I built a solution, and I can definitely help you use it so you don’t have to struggle anymore.

You Should Not Have to Reinvent the Wheel for Every Single Time

I believe that there should be an easy, reliable way to control all your projects, with a common set of tools wether you are developing on an Arduino board, a Raspberry Pi, or an ESP8266. You should definitely not have to do the same things over and over again for every new project.

This is exactly why I started to build aREST. aREST started as a simple Arduino library that allowed the user to control their Arduino boards via WiFi, using RESTful commands. It evolved a lot since then, and it’s now a complete framework that empowers the users to build rich applications to control development boards like Arduino, the Raspberry Pi, and the ESP8266.

However, even the simplest of frameworks can be intimidating. That’s why I created the Discover the aREST Framework book – I wanted to offer you a complete guide on how to use the aREST framework to easily control your projects. This comprehensive guide is just what you need to start easily building amazing Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or ESP8266 projects!

Introducing Discover the aREST Framework

Discover the aREST framework is a comprehensive guide on how to use the powerful aREST framework in your electronics projects, whereas you are using Arduino, the Raspberry Pi, the ESP8266, or any combinations of those platforms.

By following the step-by-step instructions in the book, you will learn how to use aREST to simplify the development of your projects, like building web-based applications to control your boards remotely, access your devices from anywhere in the world, or control them from mobile applications.

aREST was developed with home automation applications in mind, but it’s now a complete solution used for Internet of Things projects, mobile robots & drones, healthcare applications, and much more!

  • Control any type of boards supported by the aREST framework, like Arduino, the Raspberry Pi, and the ESP8266.
  • Build web-based applications, to control your project from your computer for example.
  • Control your aREST projects from anywhere in the world.
  • Develop mobile applications to control your aREST projects.
  • Learn from real world example to illustrate how you can use aREST for concrete projects.

Full Sections List


Learning the basics of aREST

Build local applications to control your projects

Access your boards from the cloud

Build mobile applications using aREST


Thank you for creating this amazing project! 🙂 I have received an excellent service, thank you for everything. - Justin

Thanks for the great work. I looked all over for a way to control my ESP8266 and all arrows come here. - Gary

Love the project! Works really well 🙂 Thanks for your amazing work! - Jay

It is an excellent book, I just got the book and already I like it a lot. - Ruben

About the author

Marco Schwartz

Marco is the creator of the aREST framework, and the owner & main writer at the Open Home Automation website, where he regularly publishes DIY home automation tutorials. He loves to use Arduino, the Raspberry Pi and of course the aREST framework to create new projects. He published more than 10 books about DIY home automation & IoT projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t like the book?

The book comes with the same guarantee as all my other books: if you don’t like it, simply email me & you’ll get a full refund.

Do I need to be an experienced developer to use this book?

Not at all. You do need to have some basic knowledge in programming & electronics, but aREST was really designed to make the development of projects as easy as possible.

What about future updates?

There will be updates for sure, as the space & the framework are constantly evolving. And when buying the book from this page, you’ll automatically get all future updates for free.