We just released a new version of the aREST library for Arduino, which is now in version 1.8. Compared to the latest stable release (1.7.5), this new version comes with a smaller memory footprint for the library, but also it is much faster than before! We completely changed the internal behaviour of the library when it comes to sending data back after a request.

In a nutshell, the library is now adding every piece of the answer to a buffer, and then sends this buffer using functions that are optimised for the selected communication medium. For example, it means that if you are using the CC3000 WiFi chip, the time to send a request to the Arduino board & receive the answer has been divided by a factor 2.5 compared to version 1.7.5 of the library! This a major improvement of the library, and opens the door to time-sensitive applications like robotics.

We also added the possibility to read all analog or digital pins at once, using the following commands:




You can get the library by visiting the dedicated GitHub repository.