aREST Cloud Access Pricing
You can use our cloud platform for free, or easily upgrade your account to get more features & capacity.
Starter Plan
Up to 5 Devices
Up to 5 Dashboards
Up to 100 Events
Standard Email support
Hobbyist Plan
Up to 25 Devices
Up to 25 Dashboards
Up to 10,000 Events
Priority Email Support
Developer Plan
Up to 100 Devices
Up to 100 Dashboards
Up to 100,000 Events
Priority Email Support
Frequently Asked Questions
How long are your contracts?
aREST subscriptions are paid monthly - and you can of course stop your subscription at any time.
Can I easily upgrade or downgrade my account later?
Of course, you can change your plan at any moment from the aREST application.
How safe is the aREST cloud?
Safety & data privacy is one of our main focus at aREST. All devices communicate with our cloud server with a secure connection, and the server itself is also protected by TLS 1.2. In addition to that, all the devices & data inside your account are protected by a unique API key that is needed to control devices connected to the cloud.
What should I register for an aREST cloud account?
Registering will give you immediate access to the aREST dashboard, which you can use to create graphical dashboards to control your devices, log events, and also create automation flows between your devices.