We just released a new version of the aREST library for Arduino, which is now in version 1.9.1. Compared to the latest stable release (1.8), this new version is even faster than ever. We completely removed the use of delay() functions in the sketch (we only left it for Serial communications that require it), meaning the HTTP-based communications are much faster than before. For example, the response time of the library with the CC3000 chip and an Arduino Uno is now around 200 ms only.

We also added Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) support into the library, by adding the required headers in every HTTP response. For more details about CORS, you can visit this page. It means the library is now compatible with server-side modules that require CORS to work, for example the very powerful AngularJS.

As usual, you can get the library by visiting the dedicated GitHub repository.