Marco Schwartz
9 months ago

Hi, I am Marco Schwartz, founder of aREST - and I wanted to welcome you to the aREST community! Make sure to use it to talk about aREST, ask for help, and also share your projects you built with aREST!

2 months ago

I am trying to connect an Arduino Uno (without shields) to the Internet via a computer. I successfully used aRest with the serial port to set a pin HIGH and LOW (by inputting the commands into the serial monitor input method). I failed to let the aRest site control the same pin via a software on/off button. First, my browser (Chrome) failed to get the droplist of "Device Id" to populate (although I had disabled AdBlock). After many hours, I decided to try MS Edge, and to my surprise, it took me a step beyond by populating that droplist. Yet, I still cannot choose an ID that will make my device (running the aRest sketch) appear online.