If you are looking for an easy way to control & monitor all your projects, you are on the right page! The aREST framework was created to give RESTful interface to several embedded boards & platforms. In a nutshell, the library allows you to send commands to a given board running aREST, provoke an action (or just get some data), and send data back in a JSON container. This can be done via several interfaces, like WiFi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, and many more. You can control your devices locally using aREST, but the most popular option is the cloud access (via WiFi or Ethernet) where you can control & monitor your projects from anywhere in the world, using our free online platform.

We really created aREST to make it as easy to use as possible. This is why to connect to our free cloud server, you actually just need to take the pre-made sketch for the platform you want to use, change your WiFi parameters so it can connect to your router, and off you go, your device is available for you to control & monitor from anywhere in the world!

For example, to set the state of pin 6 to HIGH on an Arduino board running aREST, connected to the aREST cloud platform via WiFi, and with the device ID my_device, you would send the command:


It’s that simple. As an answer, the board will then send:

{“message”: “Pin D6 set to 1”, “id”: “my_device”, “name”: “arduino”, “connected”: true}

This makes aREST really easy to use for your connected project. You don’t have to change the code on your embedded boards anymore: set it once, and then interact with your boards using a RESTful API.

To get started today, you can create a free account on the aREST cloud platform: